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Sodexo benefits

relies on AC Cloud for reliable application operation.

Cloud4com ensures the reliable operation of the IT infrastructure and helps create time space for IT specialists for key internal projects that support the company's business.

Customer profile

Sodexo Benefits is the European leader in the provision of employee benefits such as meal vouchers, leisure activities, gift vouchers, educational programs and company events. The company was founded in 1966 in France and today has branches all over the world, including the Czech Republic, where it has been operating since 1992. Sodexo focuses on innovation and digitization of its services, supports sustainability and social responsibility.


Pavel Masek


..."since we always cooperate with the best and most reliable, Cloud4com was a clear choice for us. We chose the flexible environment of AC Cloud for a safe and, above all, fast migration of our IT infrastructure".



Cloud4Com provides 24/7/365 continuous service support, thereby freeing up the time capacities of IT specialists for important IT projects and ensuring cost predictability. The availability of critical infrastructure elements is also guaranteed at the level of 99.999%   with a clearly defined SLA guarantee and warranty.

Initial situation and goals of the project

The customer needed to resolve the situation of the end of support for its own servers, and at the same time it was expected to move to new office and operational premises, including a data center. Sodexo's IT department was overloaded due to the time-consuming nature of IT infrastructure management. The client was looking for a partner to ensure the operation of the server infrastructure as a service and, also due to upcoming audits, required TIER III level data center standards with geographic redundancy of stored data and a guarantee of uninterrupted operation.

At the same time, he wanted to be able to continuously increase the individual components of the operation in a matter of hours, to move applications to the cloud 1:1 without the need for refactoring, and to preserve the existing architecture. The gradual migration of the entire environment without impacting the operation and business activities of the organization was also important to them.

Solution description

As part of the selection of a suitable service provider, the customer compared solutions from several local and global cloud providers. Due to the operation of legacy applications, the solution of local providers turned out to be significantly better economically. Parameters such as the quality of the technologies offered, the simplicity and transparency of the offer as well as the total price of the solution decided that the customer chose our services in the end.

We designed a professional hybrid cloud infrastructure solution that exactly matched the customer's needs. He now uses AC Cloud services built on advanced enterprise technologies such as Cisco UCS and others with an environment operated in DC TTC Teleport and DC Tower data centers. Services are completely in high availability. Most of the customer's operational and business applications now run on our cloud services. 

We  provided the customer with a smooth migration of the existing IT operation to our cloud environment so that the company's operation was not disrupted in any way during the migration. Thanks to the creation of homogeneous environments, it was possible to easily migrate individual systems gradually without the need for outages and sudden migrations.


Cloud infrastructure with Cisco UCS technologies

Private cloud


VIRTIX self-service cloud operations portal

VIRTIX portal


continuous service support 24/7/365 in the cloud (vPDC) environment

24/7 services


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