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SAP HANA in the cloud

Thanks to this service, you get the opportunity to use two strong trends in corporate IT - the SAP HANA platform and the provision of infrastructure in the form of cloud services.

What SAP HANA brings

SAP HANA is a revolutionary platform for real-time big data applications and analytics from SAP. It is a connecting database and application platform into one in-memory technology, when the entire system is operated in the operational memory of the servers. This means an order-of-magnitude increase in data processing performance compared to traditional databases. The main advantage of this solution is not only in the speed of data processing, but mainly in the fact that right now we are processing large volumes of data, you can implement tasks that take an extremely long time with a traditional solution and therefore it does not make sense to implement them.

SAP HANA in the form of a certified cloud service

As part of a platform built on enterprise technology companies Intel, Cisco and NetApp, we have created an infrastructure for the SAP HANA application in the form of services with a guarantee of high availability.

For customers, you can prepare a hot environment including the SUSE Linux operating system to install the SAP HANA database. Customers considering using SAP HANA for their applications can get the infrastructure they need in minutes or hours, versus the weeks or months it would take to purchase hardware. In addition, the flexibility of the cloud creates infrastructure only for a limited period of time, for example in the case of testing, development or implementation of proof-of-concept solutions. Another huge advantage is the flexibility of adapting the infrastructure to other customers - i.e. the ability to adjust the size of the system according to the real requirements of a specific application.

The infrastructure for SAP HANA is built on the principle of TDI - tailor-made data center integration. TDI is a certified program of SAP, it implements implementation infrastructures for SAP HANA from enterprise hardware components certified by SAP. The entire solution must project demanding performance tests that monitor precisely defined KPI parameters.


Ensuring the availability of critical infrastructure elements reaches 99.999% (representing a maximum service outage of 5.2 minutes per year).Our Uptime Guarantee (SLA) quality parameters, such as ordered computing power and other specific services, range from 99.6% to 99.99%

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