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Next Generation Firewall

A cloud service that expands common firewall functions with advanced security functionality. Ensure compliance with cybersecurity law requirements.


Advantages of Next Generation Firewall in the cloud

One of the main advantages of a cloud firewall is its ability to scale according to the current needs of the organization. Unlike an on-premise solution that has a clearly defined capacity of its physical hardware, a cloud firewall can be easily expanded and scaled almost indefinitely. In this way, any company can respond flexibly to changes in its growth and according to its needs for network security.

Another advantage is a lower initial financial burden. A firewall in the cloud usually does not require the high initial costs of hardware equipment and license fees, as is again the case with on-premise solutions. Instead, the cloud firewall is paid as a service with regular monthly billing, allowing organizations to move from a CAPEX model to an OPEX model.

In addition, on-premise firewalls have a limited lifespan and require regular updates and investment. With a cloud solution, these worries disappear, as the cloud provider is responsible for management and updates. This means that the organization does not have to invest in system upgrades and internal IT, and can focus fully on its business.

Overall, the Next Generation Firewall in the cloud is revolutionizing network security by providing flexibility, reducing costs, and enabling organizations to take full advantage of modern protection without unnecessary infrastructure concerns. Network security is now in safe hands.

As part of the service you will receive from us

  1. Infrastructure and licenses : FortiGate operation with FortiGuard - Unified Threat Protection features is configured with  high availability. Enables the construction and operation of an IPSec VPN from the customer's environment to the Cloud4com data center environment. High-speed Internet connection up to 100 Mbps WAF.

  2.  Management: The service also includes FortiGate and IPSec VPN management. The price includes 1 hour of specialist work per month Configuration changes will be adapted to the customer's requirements, for example changes to firewall rules. Read-only access to the control console is provided.

  3.  Customer support:SLA guarantee with response within 2 hours during working days and active monitoring of the provided service. 

What tools will protect you

The FortiGuard Unified Threat Protection (UTP) service and protection platform includes several key security features:

  1. IDS/IPS (Intrusion Prevention System)
    This network defense system monitors network traffic and identifies or defends against suspicious or offensive activities. The provider delivers signature updates several times a day based on the activity of attackers around the world. The customer has the option to define policies based on which traffic is checked and possibly stopped.

  2. Application control
    The functionality allows you to control the use of individual applications or groups of applications. For example, block access to Google drive services or completely block P2P networks. The customer has the opportunity to define policies based on which the application will be allowed or not allowed.

  3. Antivirus
    Checks files transferred over the network (supported protocols: HTTP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, MAPI, FTP). If objectionable content (for example a virus) is detected, it is either reported or completely blocked, depending on the settings. The provider delivers signature updates several times a day.

  4. Web Filtering
    Allows you to control user access to web services. The customer has the possibility to define policies based on which the web service will be allowed or not allowed.

  5. SSL Inspection
    The functionality allows you to control and influence the traffic inside the SSL/TLS connection, thus expanding the capabilities of the IDS/IPS, Application Control, Web Filtering and Antivirus functionalities. For example, Antivirus can then check traffic in the HTTPS protocol. Without this feature, detection capabilities against SSL/TLS encrypted traffic are usually limited.

  6. VPN
    The IPSec/SSL VPN concentrator provides individual branches or users with remote access to the company network. The user VPN concentrator function is supported by the provider exclusively on the concentrator side.

  7. Antispam
    FortiGuard Antispam provides a comprehensive and multi-layered approach to spam detection and filtering. The technology of two-pass detection significantly reduces the volume of spam and thus brings unrivaled control against e-mail attacks and viruses.



  • Next Generation Firewall

  • FortiGate

  • Unified Threat Protection (UTP)

  • IPSec VPN

  • WAF (Web Application Firewall)

  • FortiGuard Web Filtering

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