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Virtual Private Data Center (vPDC)

We offer our virtual private data center services in the following forms: IaaS in the public cloud, IaaS in the dedicated cloud and hybrid solutions. These services within vPDC are divided into the following categories: network, server, storage, backup and Software.


A unique cloud platform


Virtual server

The vServer product (virtual server) is a service operated on an enterprise blade server with a powerful VMware vSphere virtualization layer that enables abstraction, flexibility and distribution of server performance. The virtual server product provided as a service has precisely defined performance parameters and an SLA (Service Level Agreement) describing the guaranteed availability of services. vServer type products have a defined number of virtual processors ...


Virtual storage

vStorage (virtual disk) products are an integral part of any virtual infrastructure. For each created virtual server, the customer adds the required number of virtual disks with the appropriate parameters. The service is operated over enterprise class and midrange storage systems of renowned manufacturers. Data is protected using RAID technology and divided into logical units made available virtualization hypervisors ...


Virtual network

The Network product group provides virtual private data center network services. The area includes vLAN, Public IP Block, vRouter, vBalancer, Internet, AntiDDoS protection and vPDC Interconnect products.


Virtual center software

We also offer services related to safe backup of the environment and correct license coverage supported by the highest partner certifications with SW manufacturers.


Ensuring the availability of critical infrastructure elements reaches 99.999% (representing a maximum service outage of 5.2 minutes per year).Our Uptime Guarantee (SLA) quality parameters, such as ordered computing power and other specific services, range from 99.6% to 99.99%

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