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Veeam Cloud Connect

The service offers a very effective option for corporate backup to the cloud. It is the simplest and fully integrated form of backup for users using backup software Veeam Backup & Replication or Veeam Agent.

What we offer

We provide remote cloud storage that the customer simply connects to their environment, without additional changes to the architecture of extension licenses, etc. In accordance with established backup policies, data is then stored on this storage, which can be used for the recovery process directly from the user interface if necessary Veeam Backup & Customer-side replication.

The entire service guarantees secure transmission and storage of data, where the encryption keys are under the full control of the customer. Cloud Connect configuration is fully integrated into the Virtix Customer Portal. The customer pays for the actual stored capacity of the backup data in GB.

What you get

The Veeam Cloud Connect service allows you to send backups to the cloud environment via a reliable and secure SSL connection. It's a simple way to protect your data from the risk of loss without having to own, manage and maintain hardware elsewhere.

  • Complete visibility and control- access and restore data from cloud storage directly from the Veeam backup console.

  • Modern backup architecture - fully leveraged Veeam technology providing a Backup Copy job with built-in WAN acceleration, incremental backups, grandfather-father-son (GFS) retention policies & more to achieve the "3-2-1 rule" using your existing backup software.

  • End-to-end encryption - you can sleep peacefully thanks to the encryption of all data. Both those currently in use and those stored in cloud storage.


Calculate for yourself how interesting it can be

Calculate your costs


Price per unit

Total price

Remote Storage repository - 1GB

0.73 Kč

0.73 Kč

License per Virtual Machine

141.00 Kč

141.00 Kč

License per Agent Workstation

End station backup using Veeam agent (OS: Windows or Linux). The number of licenses according to the number of backed-up end stations.

85.00 Kč

85.00 Kč

License per Agent Server

197.00 Kč

197.00 Kč

WAN cache Add-on

0.00 Kč

0.00 Kč

Backup Protection

Backup of virtualized infrastructure (VMWare or Hyper-V). The number of licenses according to the number of virtual servers.

Backup from inside the server (physical or virtual) using the Veeam agent. The number of licenses according to the number of backed up servers.

The Backup Protection function provides extra retention (8 days) for backup data in a dedicated folder.

Monthly invoiced price

423.73 Kč

The one-time service establishment fee is CZK 1,500. Prices do not include VATfor monthly use of the service.


Ensuring the availability of critical infrastructure elements reaches 99.999% (representing a maximum service outage of 5.2 minutes per year).Our Uptime Guarantee (SLA) quality parameters, such as ordered computing power and other specific services, range from 99.6% to 99.99%

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