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S/4 HANA for Marvinpac

cloud solution for reliable operation of SAP applications

As part of the S/4 HANA project, we participated in a cloud and implementation solution in which all processes will take place in one place.


Customer profile

Marvinpac deals with the filling and packaging of goods for third parties. These are mainly orders in the field of food, cosmetics, luxury accessories and other consumer goods. As data plays a significant role in this sector, Marvinpac was looking for a solution that would help it to have all processes under one roof and thus be able to provide first-class services to clients requiring demanding packaging solutions with a strong emphasis on quality.


Jan returned


..."The magic of the cloud is that it is absolutely flexible and able to conform to our requirements. We tested this when we managed to double our business during the processes and without the service being flexible, we would today they solved a lot of problems with the in-house solution. I definitely recommend the cloud solution for this very reason."



Initial situation and goals of the project

The customer faced a problem with various systems that were insufficient to handle the growing volume of data. At the same time, he sought to unify the flow of data into a single data zone with the aim of centralizing all data with one service provider. This goal was crucial and necessary for him.

Solution description

Cloud4Com has been cooperating with Sabris on S/4 HANA projects for several years, and the joint solution provides customers with high availability, security and flexibility. For the customer's needs, such a variant was chosen so that he would have as little trouble as possible with the system and at the same time be able to use the modern functions offered by the S/4 HANA system as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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